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them lines, forever etched upon a sunburnt face. them steps, pencilled poems versed admist memories. them hands, attesting claims chiselled in time’s doctrine. them words, echo wisdom contracted to children. © Leroy Wilson

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untruths are force-fed outlawing peaceful protests an eye for an eye oppressors breed hatred through absolute uncertainty © Leroy Wilson

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water is life; change a river. it flows, it adapts. evolving with each crusade. survival of the fittest. it becomes time. it is time. © Leroy Wilson

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flawless; he woke up like that

i live in hope, that your clouded vision is that of minority. i live in hope, that your son’s perception is acquired, not bred. i hope he lives free. free from the guilt that grows with denial. i want to … Continue reading

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evolving bushland courting fire each winter tranquil in rebirth © Leroy Wilson

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we must go to war to defend the innocent from these radicals they are trying to claim land that’s housed above our oil © Leroy Wilson

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Originally posted on Leroy Wilson:
Angel draped in silk Enacts sweet music from her soul With torn illusion © Leroy Wilson – Inspired by Esther’s beautiful poem “Voice” @ ?

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tails of nine

tails of nine. slice through sunburnt flesh; like eagle beaks. boss-man; queen’s noble slave, keeping order in the ranks. gracious puppet; hanging from his string. dingos hunt in packs of nine – strategic, efficient. death; mercy’s prized offering. © Leroy … Continue reading

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