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it must be done this way my son. old ways may take longer, as sunsets shall. development insists on patient reflection. curiosity, my son, takes its refuge in people. empowering one to truly evolve. father, mother, absorbed in unifying legacy … Continue reading

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no more a reason, change. evolving as human do. advance, develop. of a thing more complex, efficient. better. but we struggle with time. need for now. present at all cost. after- all we’re evolved, efficient, complex. © Leroy Wilson

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quite the mystery them shadows. cool-ish desert yawn, waltzing with the scrub. such graceful footprints, rarely seen on this plain. morning dew, trackers dream. © Leroy Wilson

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dreams echo our most pure thought. providing the gate into a spirit world; into our own subconscience. what is seen in our dreams is ultimately a feeling supressed by our physical body. © Leroy Wilson

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spring dreaming

son longs for father two spirits conceived from one father longs for son shared dreams of wild flowers singing iningai secrets © Leroy Wilson

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Barrett Martin About Layne Staley

Originally posted on Grunge Graveyard:
“Layne was an extremely intelligent, humorous, and gracious human being, and he cared about things like politeness and kindness to strangers, qualities that seem to be forgotten in today’s narcissism culture. He laughed easily and…

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