ochred story lines
foretold why nothing in life is free
with every piece of gold taken
we’re left a debt of three

oh so so many people
seem to know my name
but truest friends are few

cursed blessing is a singing phone
my very own song of songs
when I have something worthy to offer

I prefer to stand out in the pouring rain
a rebel because I am unforgiving
to conform is to be blinded
but I am free; I am still willing to see

clowns throw their knives with a blindfold
while poets are forced to offer their words for a fee
i guess in time we will realise the true price of democracy

in a whisper they will steal everything we need
yes, they stole everything we need

ochred song lines
foretold the secrets for all to be free
with every tree that’s sacrificed
just plant another three

oh so so many people
told this story just the same
but they conformed and now are blinded
no longer free, no longer willing to see

© Leroy Wilson

About Stayne

Welcome to my page and thank you so much for stopping by. I feel honoured to share some of your precious time. These are just a collection of thoughts that have popped into my head and I have managed to store here. I am hoping that one day I will find the time and inspiration to return to these thoughts to edit and craft poems out of them...ah maybe one day.
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