standing still

inside my heart it hangs,
opposite portraits of a traitor.
stuck both eyes on with glue.

poppies revive a lullaby.
invite reason to fear.
pupils dilate like truth.

silk stitched tongue.
collapsing veins. dream
in song, cleverman charm.

father please, i plead.
tap roots aren’t lonely. subtle
key trade gifts underground.

when did you ever just stand still?

lustful child dies.
strung out on chemical lies.
innocence is shattered glass.

poppies revive a lullaby.
invite season to stare.
pupils dilate like truth.

maze to a soul,
mirror remains empty.
stories hold a whole lot more.

mother please, i plead.
halfway is lonely. sing only
dream. cleverman charm.

About Stayne

Welcome to my page and thank you so much for stopping by. I feel honoured to share some of your precious time. These are just a collection of thoughts that have popped into my head and I have managed to store here. I am hoping that one day I will find the time and inspiration to return to these thoughts to edit and craft poems out of them...ah maybe one day.
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