she cuts her teeth on shadows
of weeping willow. hot dry wind,

blows across the western plain,
engulf the fresh carcass. ceremony

commences. children pay respect in
dance, women through song. old men

capture sound of didgeridoo and clap
sticks; exchanging of gifts. tribute

to sacrifice. bones marry fire. flame
is spirit. girl bears witness to cycle

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i told you
words to a harmony
which you could only hum.

you left me
when i needed you most.

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“My heart is empty and my thoughts are pure. I want for nothing. What’s mine is yours, I’m ready to share it all, everything” … “Yeah I do like keeping my treasure locked away, deep inside the dungeon, but I’ve come to realise; it dies without sunlight, only blossoms in  fresh air.  Pirates know no rules, fate is already written, for one; all bees will die”

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trading rose petals
with a mermaid in the sea
her feathered story

stardust sings a sunburnt land
lovers should die hand in hand

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“There was a time, in those darker days, where he could only see beauty in the words that stained his page.  But now, he no longer reads, or writes, he simply feels.  The actual beauty lies within the blankness of the page itself.  Words are irrelevant.”

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take your time, wander
 embrace every breath
 minutes paint story
 hours reek of death

act out your dreaming
 sing a magpie song
 anxious souls make peace
 dying to belong

incense stop burning
 under purple sky
 devoid of ochre
 devils never die

fable of promise
 enriching the wait
 waltzing with tears
 during virgins wake

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time is friend,

time is enemy,

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